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Now, on to the good stuff. Let’s talk about how to leave your 9-to-5 behind!

Okay, sorry… one more thing before we really get started, I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not telling you to go to work tomorrow and tell your boss to shove it. What I am telling you, however, is that there may be a great big world of opportunity out there that you didn’t even know existed.

At some point in American occupation history, it became widely accepted that a “successful” person is one who gets a college degree, finds a career, works for 40+ years, and retires with enough money to live out their last days with some peace and happiness. Um, no thanks… I would rather build a portfolio of business opportunities and cash flow assets that can support my family and my lifestyle whether I work 4 hours per week or 40. In other words… I want a life of FREEDOM where I can decide where and how to spend my time, every day, without worrying at all about how to pay the bills. Sound good to you? ……. yeah, I thought so. Okay, let’s move on!

To the right of this text, you will see links to the 4 business and cash flow opportunities that I am personally using to leave my 9-to-5. By no means does that imply that they are the only 4 options you can take for yourself. In fact, I will frequently discuss other options, as well. Anyway, clicking on any of those links will take you to a dedicated section of the site where those ideas will be elaborated upon in (hopefully) great detail. You’ll also notice links on the homepage, as well as in the menu bar at the top of the page under the “Strategies” header, which is also where you will find the Other strategies outside of these 4.

Okay, so that about does it for my little introduction to the site. Feel free to head over to the “About” page to learn a little more about me personally and professionally. Otherwise, pick a strategy and let’s dive in! Oh, and don’t forget to sign up with your email address, either above or below. Did I mention I promise it will be worth your while? And because I don’t say it enough, thanks for stopping by – I sure am glad you’re here!

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