There’s no doubt that Amazon FBA is one of the most popular online business models these days. And I’ve made no secret about the fact that it is a MAJOR source of my post-9-to-5 income. But have you started your own FBA business yet?

I can’t speak highly enough of Jim Cockrum and his Proven Amazon Course (PAC). Not only do he and his team truly care about their customers, but they have built an enormous community of entrepreneurs who freely share knowledge with no charge or obligation. He has a popular Facebook community with tens of thousands of members, all ready to assist you with any question you could ever have on topics ranging from Amazon FBA to eBay to general e-commerce to online marketing, etc.

If you purchase Jim’s PAC course, you get TONS of information on Amazon FBA, including how to start with Private Label products. For those unaware, Private Labeling is just a fancy way of taking a brand-generic product that is selling well on Amazon, negotiating with a supplier to design and produce your “better” version of that product, putting your brand on it, marketing it, and selling the heck out of it on Amazon!

Well, Jim has just come out with his Proven Private Label 2.0 course – and it’s not yet available anywhere else but through this link. This will connect you to a replay of a recent webinar Jim held to introduce the course.

[UPDATE 3/23/17: The Proven Private Label 2.0 Mentoring program is SOLD OUT! But you can still get a TON of useful info on Private Labeling by accessing the regular PAC course!]

If you’re interested in Private Labeling, I highly recommend you check it out.

At the very least, connect to Jim’s Facebook community and check out his Podcast too!

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