What is it?

  • A monthly membership providing you with at least 5 specific, profitable products that you can source using Online Arbitrage (OA) and resell on Amazon.com
  • Products will be sent at least once per week to your email inbox
  • All products will include a cost/profit analysis: showing how much you will pay for the product, how much you can resell it for on Amazon, and expected profit per unit
  • BONUS: Throughout the month you may also receive “Flash Sale” emails – which are deal-of-the-day products from select retailers that must be purchased quickly (sometimes same-day) to guarantee special pricing

Why should I subscribe?

  • If you are just getting started with Amazon FBA and Online Arbitrage (OA) and you aren’t really sure where to find the best products to sell – THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • If you are doing Amazon FBA as a “side hustle” and you don’t have time to scan through every online retailer’s website looking for the ideal product to resell – THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • If you just want to free up some time but still keep a steady flow of profitable products in your Amazon FBA inventory – THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • If you’re the kind of person who never takes action and doesn’t want to generate a side income (or potentially a full time job-replacing income) using Amazon FBA – THIS PROBABLY ISN’T FOR YOU…

Only $79/month


#1: Can I do this if I don't live in the United States?

At this time, our Amazon FBA Product Sourcing service is only available for residents of the United States, or sellers who have a prep/fulfillment company in the United States. This is because we are only using US-based websites/suppliers to source our products, and we are basing our sales/profit expectations only on the Amazon.com platform.

#2: How much will the products cost?

Products will generally cost between $5 and $50. On rare occasion, product cost could exceed $50 if it is perceived to be an excellent opportunity with high profit potential. Products will not exceed $100, unless they are classified as “BONUS” products in addition to the 5 products received monthly with subscription.

#3: How much will I profit on each product?

We strive for a minimum of $5 profit per product – with higher profit targets for higher priced items. If a product cost is below $10, the profit per unit could be slightly under $5, as long as ROI is above 50%.

#4: How is this service worth $79 per month?


  • You will receive a minimum of 5 product recommendations per month
  • Between those 5 products, the average profit per unit will be at least $5
  • Let’s say you buy and resell 5 units of each product – or 25 units total (this is a conservative estimate)
  • Your profit for the month is 25 items x $5 profit per unit = $125
  • And you didn’t do any of the work to find these opportunities!
#5: Can you guarantee these products will be profitable?

No, I can’t make any guarantees because the supply/demand of products on Amazon is ever-changing. However, all products will be analyzed based on prior sales/pricing history to predict profit potential as accurately as possible.

On the rare occasion that a product experiences a drastic change (i.e. Amazon restricts sellers from listing the item), I will provide a substitute product. This policy and decision will be enforced on a case-by-case basis, but please contact me if you have concerns about a product or listing.

Ready to Join?

Only $79/month


While we strive for a minimum of $5 profit per product, if a product cost is below $10, the profit per unit could be lower, as long as ROI is above 50%.


Email: FBAsourcing@leaveyour9to5.com


You may cancel your membership at any time. As long as you cancel before your next monthly payment, you will not incur any future charges.

We regret that we are not able to grant any refund requests, due to the digital delivery of this service.

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