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Hate my job

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Most people – me included – are brought up to believe that a successful life means you need to go to school, get a degree, land a job, work for 40+ years, and maybe – just maybe – someday retire and actually have enough savings to enjoy your waning years in life.

Ouch… I don’t know about you, but, to me, that sounds terrible! Or at least it does now. You see, my story isn’t all that far off from the “successful life” scenario I described above. I grew up, went to school, got a degree, and worked a J.O.B. for more than a decade.  Don’t get me wrong; it was a decent job as far as jobs go – Fortune 500 company, nice salary, pension, all that jazz… but it’s just not what I want anymore, and I’ll get into more details as we go along (spoiler alert: I want to spend more time with my family).

My goal for this site is to lay out my plans in as much detail as possible how I will replace my income through various entrepreneurial cash flows and business ideas, and hopefully also provide inspiration to others looking to do the same. And then of course I will share all the exciting things I plan to do with my life, now that I’m no longer chained to that 9-to-5.

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Well, I guess that’s it – wait, I should probably introduce myself… My name is Jeff, and I’m glad you stopped by my little website.

Feel free to contact me any time at jeff@leaveyour9to5.com.


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